Shelby Commercial Contractor | Serious construction
This content was written for Greene Building Corporation.

You are looking for the premier Shelby commercial contractor. Look no further than green building Corporation Scott Green has been in the commercial construction industry for well over 30 years and he’s been setting the bar high for all other construction companies to follow. He started up his company green holding Corporation back in 2002 and ever since he is been leading the way and commercial contracting for the Shelby community. He builds on a principle of hard work leads to complete customer satisfaction.

Trust me whe I tell you, you will not find a better Shelby commercial contractor than Greene building Corporation for over 16 years of commercial construction experience here in the Piedmont, North Carolina community. With well over 30+ years of hands on experience in the construction industry, Scott Greene, owner and operator of Greene Building Corporation has seen it all, and brings the ability and know-how to every construction job They take on. You will find commercial contractor goes above and beyond their such satisfaction to his customers. He is very blunt and matter-of-fact with you on every construction project. He undertakes. You can count on them to put your needs first. As he will finish every project on time and on budget as he is the premier Shelby commercial contractor in the area.

Delays and overages costs everyone money, from the customer to Greene Building Corporation he strides to knock out every job on time and on budget and his promise to his customers. They work everything possible to keep the project spent thus minimizing major lag time in the construction schedule. If you ask anyone within the Piedmont, North Carolina community but will tell you that building is the one and only Shelby commercial contractor You can trust. It takes many years to build up reputation commercial construction industry that is exactly what Greene Building Corporation has done.

Scott Greene, owner of Greene Building Corporation, is originally from Shelby North Carolina and he is dedicated to the community, providing the highest quality craftsmanship to the commercial construction industry. He began his journey and construction back in 2002 when he started up his company that he is always had a passion for construction contracting, well before his company and hit the ground running. As a child Houston watch building go up around him and he was always intrigued and fascinated. We did many projects for family and friends in the beginning, and he learned a lot during those early years.

Is constantly tinkering and trying to make the construction job more streamlined and efficient. Passing on the savings to his customers. It’s not a job for him. It’s a passion and he is extremely dedicated to the community that he is involved in and is appreciative of the opportunity to build in this lovely Shelby community. Here just said and getting a commercial construction job. Please reach out to Greene Building Corporation via website at or give them a call at 704-434-8103.

Shelby Commercial Contractor | Above and beyond construction
This content was written for Greene Building Corporation.

Greene Building Corporation specializes in project management services for many different to commercial construction projects including healthcare upticks in pre-engineered metal buildings. He’s always willing to take on a challenge and not shy away from anything. Greene Building Corporation is the premier Shelby commercial contractor in the area and always goes above and beyond to deliver the highest satisfaction to his clients. With over 17 years of passion and hard-working experience. We able to bring the most cost-effective and least labor intensive cost to his clients. Scott Greene owner and operator of Greene Building Corporation is dedicated to bringing the highest energy, superior quality and producing amazing results. On time and on budget guarantees his customers hundred percent satisfaction.

Shelby commercial contractor, Greene Building Corporation is dedicated to their customers and they are focused on maintaining the aspect in all the job that he undertakes. Communication is key with the Greene Building Corporation as he knows if you don’t take ample time to know the customer of forehand. You’ll never build hit the mark on what they expect, and their commercial construction project. He is always going above and beyond to deliver the highest quality jobs and fully committed to finishing his job on time and on budget, while using the highest quality construction materials and best construction techniques. Many construction companies around the Piedmont, North Carolina area know his reputation is second to none and enjoy working with him and his professional and dedicated crew.

Green building is a building choice for Atrium health, Walmart, Dollar tree, Rutherford Regional health system, plus many more. In the preferred Shelby commercial contractor in the area and everyone who worked with are extremely satisfied with the final construction product as well. This is communication and dedication throughout the planning and construction phases. We’ve all heard your stories about commercial construction contractors, disregard all of their clients wishes and builds as if they are the boss. But Scott Greene knows that the client is the boss and he simply the contractor’s quotation. The commercial construction process. It is this mentality that led to great success with the community and many referrals and repeat clients come his way.

Please been Greene Building Corporation as your Shelby commercial contractor at Scott Greene, owner and operator of Greene Building Corporation is completely you in your project on time and on budget, This is his promise to all his clients. But don’t take my word for it. If you do a quick search for Greene Building Corporation you’ll see he is highly rated on Google and for good reason to. He is committed to always going above and beyond to leave the customer at ease knowing that they have chosen the best commercial contractor in Piedmont, North Carolina.

For all of your commercial contracting needs. Please reach out to Scott Greene with Greene Building Corporation via website, or you can reach him by phone 704-434-8103.