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This content was written for Greene Building Corporation.

Owner and operator of Greene Building, Scott Greene, is extremely dedicated to exceeding all of his clients expectations. You can trust that this Shelby commercial contractor is exactly what he needs to do in order to complete your project on time and on budget. This is his promise to supply and it is mutually beneficial to all parties involved have the job wrapped up as quickly as possible. Greene Building Corporation is the builder of choice for atrium health, Rutherford regional health, Walmart, dollar tree and several others. If these major corporations trust Scott Greene and his amazing construction crew with Greene Building Corporation you should too. The thing again whenever you find a commercial contractor that truly cares about you and your project goes to great lengths in order to exceed all of your expectations amazingly. Trust me, you will not find another commercial contractor that is this sincere and dedicated to his clients at his Greene Building Corporation.

Greene Building Corporation offers three different services to the Piedmont, North Carolina area and that is commercial construction, health care remodels, and pre-engineered metal buildings. Regardless of what you are looking for in your commercial project you can trust this Shelby commercial contractor to deliver. He is extremely committed to quality and will never overlook any detail as he is extremely meticulous and thorough. Many commercial contractor’s do not take the much and it’s time to get together clients and this is where they miss the mark and things can get hairy if you do not properly execute on the design phase. Scott Greene with his 30+ years of individual experience knows exactly how important it is to get to know the clients needs and desires. This is why he treats each and every client as if they are a member of his family and not just a customer as do many other commercial contractor’s.

So sign up today with the top Shelby commercial contractor in the area and you will not be disappointed by their level of detail and service that goes into every single commercial projects. Commercial construction is just about everything except for residential and industrial. Many of his clients include businesses, municipalities, healthcare and various other organizations. Commercial construction is a quick pace and is Scott Greene’s favorite service that he provides to the wonderful people here in the community. If you cannot count the planning and you can complete construction on time and on budget. Greene Building Corporation has some extremely experience project managers and they take the planning phase extremely serious They know how vital this is to the overall construction process.

They go over all the details before they even break ground and this gives Greene Building Corporation a better idea of how to properly execute your commercial construction project.

If you like more information on how to get started today with Greene Building Corporation I would first recommend visiting their website at or feel free to call them at 704-434-8103.

Shelby Commercial Contractor | Better than the competitors
This content was written for Greene Building Corporation.

Have you been searching high and low for a well defended and trusted Shelby commercial contractor in your area? Here’s your chance to work with the very best available here at Greene Building Corporation. Scott Greene, the owner and operator of Greene Building Corporation has in excess of 30+ years of hands-on construction experience and he has the experience and know-how in order to get your construction job finished on time and on budget and that is his promise to his clients. You’ll not find another commercial contractor that is this dedicated to exceeding your expectations assays Greene Building Corporation. So build confidence and build with Greene Building Corporation today.

There are a few different services that this amazing Shelby commercial contractor provides to the wonderful community in the Piedmont, North Carolina area and that includes commercial construction, health care remodels, and pre-engineered metal buildings. Regardless of what you’re looking for a commercial construction job, you can absolutely trust professionals here green building to provide you with the top-notch quality construction and customer service.Seem like an oxymoron as most people don’t associate commercial contractor’s customer service, but Greene Building Corporation is not your average commercial contractor. They understand what it takes to build a high quality construction project and will do so.

Many Shelby commercial contractor do not take the much needed time to get to know their clients. This is the next step that many commercial contractor’s take and luckily Scott Greene knows how vital and crucial step is in the construction process. This is why he gets to note each and every client and dust better informed on how to exceed their expectations. Every client and every project is different and this is why Scott Greene never assumes or What client desires. So he takes the guesswork out of it and spend time in the planning phase to know whole picture. Basically commercial construction is just a problem-solving industry and to Scott Greene and his construction crew are experts in that field. They love figuring out how to go above and beyond and are constantly exceeding their clients expectations.

You can absolutely trust Greene Building Corporation to deliver amazing commercial construction projects on time and on budget. They understand how important it is to finish a commercial job because your livelihood depends on it. And on the flipside of that Scott Greene knows the quicker he finishes a project the sooner he will be able start on a another clients commercial project. So as you can see both parties are benefiting by focusing on time and on budget. So trust the professionals here Greene Building Corporation to get you into a healthcare remodel, pre-engineered metal building or commercial construction job and they will make the process as smooth and convenient as possible.

But you must reach out to them today in order to get the ball rolling, I guarantee you’ll love dealing with Greene Building Corporation and you will be forever grateful that you took the opportunity to work with them. Please visit their website for more information at or give their friendly office staff a call at 704-434-8103.