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This content was written for Greene Building Corporation.

Many people in the Shelby, North Carolina community have heard of Scott Greene and his company Greene Building Corporation as they are always committed to the customer and providing the highest quality finished commercial projects. These records shall be commercial contractor in fact building commercial construction projects. If you’re looking for a commercial contractor. Look no further than Greene Building Corporation as he is 100% dedicated to his customers and strides to leave them satisfied to the utmost content.

Greene Building Corporation specializes in a few different services for his clients, including commercial construction, healthcare up fits and pre-engineered metal buildings. But whatever your shell. The commercial contractor needs are Scott Greene will be able to deliver on his promises as he never goes over budget or overtime. This cost both him and you money and he realizes this is not the way to run a proper commercial construction company. So you can rest easy at night knowing that your commercial projects is going off without a hitch with Scott Greene at the helm of your project.

He has built for atrium health, Rutherford regional health systems, Walmart, Dollar tree and Carolinas healthcare system just to mention a few of the major corporations He has had the opportunity to build with. This is why he is one shall be commercial contractor in the area and you can guarantee he will stand by his word as it is his bond. You’ll never try to sway you to upsell and builds exactly how you would build it yourself. You’re much more than a customer when you start working with Greene Building Corporation as you are considered family and you will expect the same results as if he was building for his family.

Scott Greene has always had a passion for construction and he began his company Greene Building Corporation back in 2002 and ever since has been blazing the trail for delivering the highest quality, commercial construction projects in Shelby commercial contractor. Even as a child Scott Greene was intrigued with construction and always wondered how to make things better and more efficiently. This passion been turned into a career and blossoms into the wonderful construction company and is now Greene Building Corporation. He attributes his start the commercial construction world. Thanks to working out lowes and then he got the opportunity to join the contractor still seem there and it put him even closer to the construction action.

To no matter what you’re looking for in your commercial construction needs, shall be commercial contractor Scott Greene is your goto guy and will be able to knock it out of the park on time and on budget as this is his promise to all his customers. He will never, skip corners or use subpar materials in order to put an extra dollar to in his pocket. He builds right and builds for you. Please reach out to Scott Greene today for all your commercial construction needs at 704-434-8103 or visit him online at

Shelby Commercial Contractor | Building Piedmont
This content was written for Greene Building Corporation.

With well over 17 years worth of hands-on experience Greene Building Corporation has been bringing the highest quality projects to the community as the number one Shelby commercial contractor around. I promise you, you will not find anyone more dedicated to exceeding all of his clients expectations that Scott Greene with Greene Building Corporation he has had the opportunity to build for some major companies in the Piedmont, North Carolina area, including Walmart, Dollar tree, Rutherford regional, atrium health and Carolinas healthcare system.

Shelby commercial contractor Greene Building Corporation understands what it takes to ensure project goes off without a hitch and one of the major things that most commercial contractor’s miss the beginning is communicating with the client. Scott Greene takes extra time to get to know his clients before he even begins planning their construction projects. This is extremely important because without this basic understanding between the two parties. He is likely to miss the mark in deliver project that may not be exactly what the customer desired.

Greene Building Corporation specializes in commercial construction, healthcare uplifts and pre-engineered metal buildings. He has been setting the standard high in the Piedmont and Shelby communities for well over 17 years and he is dedicated to this community that is been so gracious to provide him the opportunity to build around the state of North Carolina. If you ask anyone in the construction industry. They will know of Scott Greene and his impeccable reputation as a Shelby commercial contractor. He is always going well above and beyond to deliver commercial projects on time and on budget, and will do everything in his power to keep the project running smoothly and under budget.

We have all heard nightmare experiences the people who deal with construction contractors and it’s not too surprising when you do hear the stories. Many people think of construction contractors as being rough around the edges and not having the best customer skills. This is further from the truth. With Greene Building Corporation as he is extremely dedicated to providing the highest quality commercial construction buildings and North Carolina you can count on him to put your projects above the needs of his company. He will work overtime in order to give you peace of mind and finish your project on time. He is truly one of the most honest and skilled construction contractors and North Carolina and you will have a blast working with him and his wonderful construction crew.

So look no further for your commercial construction needs than Greene Building Corporation as you will be in the best hands possible, and he will guide you through every step of the construction process, ensuring that your project is built exactly to your liking and in lines with his high standards of construction. Please reach out to him today at or give them a call at 704-434-8103. You’ve made the best decision for your commercial construction needs. By hiring the best at Greene Building Corporation.